Human Nature

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World Religion and Faith:  A Quick Lesson on the the structure of the Vedas and Hinduism


Theoretical Science and Astro-Physics; 

“Some things you just have to believe in by Faith”

– The Holy Spirit  

Friday December 13 2003

Angelcraft Education Lesson 1  On Theoretical Physics- Take it on Faith

When human nature loses its Spiritual nature,  it ceases to remember from whence it came and easily does things most people would consider abominable.

Evolution is more spiritual than carnal.

Each incarnation in each new body and color of human that we inhabit,  we learn the pitfalls of the human race and also the experience life again as if it were for the first time.

We might find ourselves black slave in one incarnation, or as an Indginous suffering under the heavy yoke of a Portuguese Cardinal, and we soon find ourselves in a Scottish white middle class Pensylnia dutch family.

We today might be a Black man or a Black woman fighting for the rights of Blacks that as whites we mistreated in prevous incarnations.

Evolution of the flesh is also important, but not as important as our spiritual nature which connects and synchronizes with our central nervous system (CNS) and uses our nuerological framework to faciliate the omniscience that is part of our spirtual intelligence that is like an ethereal calculation built into our spiritual matrix.

This means when we die, we do not lose our intelligence and do not need our brains in order to study read and continue learning under the auspicious nature of our Divine Holy Spirit.

Those of us who love life as mortals and love to be among the living must learn to master our divinity or lose the race entirely.

How dull of an existance we would have if we only lived one life.


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